All the Way by Jennifer Probst


The premise of this novel is revenge. Gavin Luciano and Miranda Storme have not seen one another in over three years and now she walks into his restaurant. Miranda is a respected food critic and decides that reviewing his establishment may be a great way of getting even with him but is it?

This is another sexy book with a strong female lead and a dominant male lead character. We all know what that leads to…. a lot of sexual tension. This is a sexy book. Jennifer Probst’s book is well written with a few unexpected twists thrown in. There is NO CLIFFHANGER so you do not have to wait months and months for a follow-up book.

Oh, the secondary characters are funny! This book will make you laugh but it also will make you feel for the leads. They do not always have it easy. Again, I refuse to give away more of the plot than I already have. I do not review books that I do not enjoy and I think this book is worth your time. :)

You can buy All the Way by Jennifer Probst at Amazon for $2.99